IT'S HIP TO GIVE BACK.  We believe that even the smallest gestures can create a ripple effect of extraordinary goodness. So we thought – what if you made the gesture, and we took care of the ripple? Through a partnership with WATER FOR PEOPLE, every Hip bottle purchased provides two days of safe drinking water to a person in need. You buy a stylish water bottle, and someone across the world takes a safe drink. Look good, feel better.  Water For People is leading the water and sanitation sector with a model proven to end the global water crisis. With programs in nine countries, Water For People brings together local entrepreneurs, community members, and local governments to establish innovative, collaborative solutions that allow communities to build and maintain their own reliable, safe water systems. Their goal is to reach everyone, forever. We’re Hip to that.  *Each Hip bottle purchased provides 2 days of safe drinking water – That’s 4 litres/1 gallon of clean water.

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